Monday, July 4, 2011

It's time to start a new

Well I haven't visited the blog in apparently a year. So I thought I would check in and check up on my friends the Terra's like that is all that complicated since they live right next door. I also noticed that the Terra's had begun following my blog so I thought hell let's start blogging again. Today was an eventful day because I have decided that spending money that I could use for other things on take out cause I'm being lazy is a financial disaster. So I unpacked the cookbooks. Got out the pans and made a delicious leftover casserole called baked ziti. Recipe will follow. I have also decided to organize and get my life and my apartment back on track. An upcoming visit to my mothers house in Marion, KY will be the topic of the next blog which will ensue in delicious food made by both of us and laundry and of course the love and attention of a mother, mostly laundry just don't tell her. So Caio until we blog again.

Baked Ziti
If you made the spagetti sauce from last time then this will be easy.
Left over spagetti sauce
Some box prepared ziti til nearly done
mozzeralla cheese

That simple add the ziti that you boiled to direction till nearly done in casserole dish. Top with spagetti sauce. Stir. Top with cheese and bake in 350 degree preheated oven until cheese is golden brown and sauce is heated through and enjoy.

P.S. This goes great with beer. The beer I had was a Guiness so yeah yay beer.